Reliable Equipment In The Industry

All alarm industry veterans must remember a time when the equipment that they purchased not only worked out of the box, but for many years afterward. If by chance the equipment you bought did not work, manufacturers were quick to replace it free of charge. In fact, I remember swapping out equipment at a distributor’s facility with no questions asked. The time has come for security product manufacturers to stand behind the equipment they develop. If not, then the reputation of the entire alarm industry is in jeopardy.

Today, with the level of sophistication in the industry, alarm company owners can offer their customers features that twenty-five years ago were not even imagined. However, all of these technologically advanced features are useless, if the equipment does not work reliably. Indeed, most customers have little or no patience when they are told that the problem with their alarm system is equipment related, or worse, that their alarm dealer never experienced this particular problem before.

Besides experiencing equipment failures myself, I have talked to many dealers and distributors across the country who are becoming increasingly troubled with the significant increase in the number of out-of-the-box equipment problems. Some manufacturers even ship products with date codes that are outdated from inception. Based on this practice, if the product does not work immediately after purchase, it either does not qualify for over the-counter exchange, or it is out of warranty when returned.

To help eliminate this situation, I would like to see the alarm industry adopt a rating and tracking system in which manufacturers would be rated on the reliability of the equipment they sell. Then, at some threshold, if their equipment creates and/or experiences too many systematic and repetitive problems, which would be independently quantified through a group of representative alarm dealers, either the manufacturer would have to remove that particular piece of equipment from its product line, or pay the dealer it’s been sold to, a fair amount to replace the devices it has purchased, so that replacement equipment that works can be installed in its place.


Excerpt taken from The Alarm Science Manual! Check back for more information on alarm equipment and system issues from Jeffrey Zwirn!