Jeffrey Zwirn Security

Motion Detector Tamper Switches Offer Inherent Safeguards

November 20, 2016

There is no use spending good money on a motion detector equipped with a tamper switch if you don’t use it. Of course, many motion detectors manufactured today do not employ tamper switches. Yet the multitude of units installed each year that do offer this added feature need to be connected properly. And this does not mean tied in series with the NC contacts of the protective loop output of the ...

Jeffrey Zwirn Security

Are Your Installation Methods Rooted In Junk Science?

October 30, 2016

Science is defined as knowledge, especially that which is gained through experience. Industry professionals, through their experience of recommending, designing, installing, programming, servicing, and monitoring a myriad of security solutions, have developed an Alarm Science. Unfortunately, a kind of junk science has evolved as well. Scores of alarm companies employ a one-size-fits-all ...

Jeffrey Zwirn

The Risks of Shunting

October 23, 2016

For the past several years, due to the advancement of control panel technology, keypad “Stay” shunting has become a modern-day option for alarm system programmers. Although it enables installers to completely eliminate individual mechanized shunts, which clearly had their own limitations and vulnerabilities, many serious concerns still exist when “Stay” shunting is utilized. Personally, I ...

Jeffrey Zwirn

Common Attacks

September 4, 2016

Intruders can use several tactics to disable alarm systems, some of which can be quite sophisticated. With the proper understanding, there are ways to combat such attacks while maintaining the safety and security of the subscriber. In my book, The Alarm Science Manual, I address the most common attacks and offer tips on how to deter such instances. Cutting Phone Lines Many present-day ...