Are Your Installation Methods Rooted In Junk Science?

Science is defined as knowledge, especially that which is gained through experience. Industry professionals, through their experience of recommending, designing, installing, programming, servicing, and monitoring a myriad of security solutions, have developed an Alarm Science. Unfortunately, a kind of junk science has evolved as well.

Scores of alarm companies employ a one-size-fits-all approach to installations, rather than tailoring each of the many layers that make up a customized solution based on a client’s individual security needs. Still others may promise to deliver a “customized” solution, but often their pledge is nothing more than a veil of hyperbole laced with fancy sales lingo.

The propensity for liability and litigation is high in the alarm business, and alarm company owners expose themselves to considerable loss potential if they do not act prudently and in the best interests of their clientele.

How can an alarm company ensure it is practicing sound Alarm Science?

With all the importance of a mason properly setting a cornerstone, the foundation for sound Alarm Science has a starting point: strict compliance to the equipment manufacturer’s specifications, applicable NFPA, UL, and nationally recognized industry standards and practices. The hands of the integrator, who must be thoroughly trained and supervised in the actual tasks and services to be performed, further encompass the groundwork.


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